A yeti park, complete with luxury hotel and museum is being planned for
Sheregesh, Siberia. It will be a place for those who want to hunt the
yeti and prove its existence. The area's governor is even offering a one
million Yeti (Image by Lizard King/Creative Commons via Wikimedia)Yeti (Image by Lizard King/Creative Commons via Wikimedia)ruble reward to the first person to catch a yeti and prove the
existence of the creature. The park will also be used for conferences
and seminars on the yeti.

Igor Idimeshev, member of the local council and the man behind the park, says that he has seen the creature several times, as have most of the residents of the area. One Russian academic claims that a population of at least 200 of the creatures living in the area.

Idimeshev claims that the yeti have hypnotizing eyes, have luminous hair, and can walk on water. He says that they can also disappear and rematerialize. 

Source: Mail Online