If you are going to steal a car it is probably a good idea to check the
backseat first or you may find that you've stolen more than you
bargained for. Such was the case for a pair of car thieves in Ohio this
week when they Pot-Bellied Pig (Photo by Donar Reiskoffer/Creative Commons via Wikimedia)Pot-Bellied Pig (Photo by Donar Reiskoffer/Creative Commons via Wikimedia)were surprised by Penelope the pot-bellied pig sticking
her snout in the front seat to see what they were doing.

Police received a report of a car on the side of the road that had obviously been in an accident. The car had two flat tires, deployed air bags, and severe front end damage. The driver was long gone. While they were investigating they also found the 300-pound pot-bellied Penelope hanging out in the back seat of the car. 

Their investigation led them to conclude that a pair of thieves had stolen the car and took off for a joy-ride, not realizing that they had a stowaway. When Penelope decided she wanted to see what was going on with this unscheduled road trip the thieves freaked out, which to the crash. The thieves fled the scene leaving the uninjured Penelope to fend for herself.

 Pig and owner were quickly reunited. The owner explained that Penelope had been living in the car since their home had caught fire and while new living accommodations for both were being sought.

There has been no word on who the thieves are or what fate lies ahead for the would-be pork-nappers.

Source: KFOR