If Romeo's doghouse is in your neighborhood, his Juliet might just be in your database (and his owners money might be in your pocket). Yep you guessed it. This post is about a new trend in the hugely popular online dating scene--pet online dating--and how you can take advantage of it (or not).

"What? Do you mean those sites that match a guy who loves long walks on the beach with his borzoi to a lady who just can't imagine life without her corgi?" In other words, humans seeking companionship through a shared interest in uncropped Dobermans or mitten-foot grey Persians--or maybe just animals in general.

Nope, I mean real pet dating sites--websites that arrange matchups of available canines and felines looking for love--or simply a play date.

You're kidding, right?

Nope. A quick Google search reveals several websites dedicated to matching man's best friend with their own best friend. Well, why not? There are dating websites for singles looking for love, marrieds looking for affairs, young women looking for sugar daddies…  Why not a site dedicated to bringing together dogs that just wanna have fun...or something.

Or something?

Sex. Procreation. Some sites seem to be focused exclusively on finding an appropriate mate for your dog or cat.



           Single white female poodle, perfect teeth,

certifiably good hips, looking for male with 
similar qualities. Papers available on 

These mating sites are for owners who want to find an appropriate cat or dog to breed with their own dog or cat. It's difficult to endorse a site like that, but I can see its value if it is intended for professional, responsible breeders who want to reduce inbreeding and passing on of undesirable genetic traits.

Your place or mine?

The most common type of pet dating site is one that arranges play dates between compatible canines.


Single white miniature poodle looking for  
fun-loving medium-sized playmate for Wednesday afternoon 
get togethers. Color and ancestry not important.

When a dog needs socialization or has more energy than the owner can keep up with, pairing it with a play partner is a great option. But locating that perfect play partner is a difficult job, especially if you're new in town, have few friends that own dogs, or your dog finds dogs park to be too intimidating. A doggie dating site could be a good solution. The dating game can even lead to their owners swapping off doggie day care duties or becoming friends themselves.

But a business?

Why not? Someone will be setting up a pet dating site in your area before long--why not you? I can't tell you how to go about setting up a pet dating site, but it would be basically the same as a regular dating site and there are several turnkey software systems that can simplify that set up for you. Then you need to decide how to monetize the site (e.g., paid membership, ads, affiliate marketing) and market it.

I realize a pet dating business is probably not what you had in mind when you decided you want to work with animals. But, the more ideas you explore, the more likely you are to find that one opportunity that is perfect for you.