You know how important early detection is, especially when it comes to cancer. And not only do more dogs die from the effects of cancer than any other disease, but statistics show that the incidence of canine cancer has sharply increased. Fortunately, a southern California technology company, Veterinary Diagnostics Institute (VDI) has created a test to let you know with 99 percent accuracy whether your dog has cancer or not.

Proprietary test for canine cancer by Veterinary Diagnostics InstituteProprietary test for canine cancer by Veterinary Diagnostics Institute

Called InCaSe for Initial Notification Cancer Screen, this simple blood test has the ability to determine the presence of canine cancer before there are any outward signs of the disease. It measures the biomarkers thymidine kinase (TK) and C-reactive protein (CRP) in the blood and reports whether a dog is cancer free or at high risk for cancer with 99 percent accuracy.  Stages in between are also reported with somewhat less accuracy, but which should be followed up with other tests.

This YouTube video of the screening test gives you a further view of how InCaSe works

InCaSe is intended to be a critical part of a yearly wellness program, administered by your veterinarian to dogs over the age of 5, or earlier in breeds with high cancer incidence. If your vet does not use InCaSe, you should certainly request it if desired.  VDI does not quote a price for an InCaSe test, but writes that it's affordable.  You can check with your pet insurance company to see if the test is covered under canine wellness insurance.

source: VDI via VCStar

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