A man walking through a snow-covered alley behind his house in Derby,
England got quite a surprise earlier this month when he spotted four
little orange frogs. At first he thought that they were just toys until
he reached African Clawed Frog (Photo by Muffet/Creative Commons via Wikimedia)African Clawed Frog (Photo by Muffet/Creative Commons via Wikimedia)down and touched one. After his wife's urging he rescued the
little amphibians and is keeping them in a tub of water for now. Since frogs are cold-blooded they were lucky little creatures to have been discovered in time.

Local wildlife officials were baffled by what kind of frogs had been found hopping though the snow. It took experts from the London Zoo to identify the as African clawed frogs. They are a species that are often kept as pets and their name comes from the three claws they have on each back flipper.

It is supposed that the frogs either escaped or were released from a nearby home. Of the original four frogs, one has died. The man is hoping that wildlife officials or someone else who knows how to care for the frogs will come and collect them.

Source: Mail Online. Wikipedia

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