Mule Deer Rescued From Ice-Covered Lake

On Thursday morning a large mule deer wandered onto a lake in Golden, Colorado not far from the Coors brewery. The deer had gone through the ice and could not get himself out.  At first Coors sent out a boat and a Mule Deer (Photo by Constantine Kulikovsky/Creative Commons via Wikimedia)Mule Deer (Photo by Constantine Kulikovsky/Creative Commons via Wikimedia)winch to see if they could get the animal out of the lake. Colorado Parks and Wildlife showed up and took over the operation.

They determined that the deer had not gotten frozen into the lake, but was unable to get any footing on the ice to get himself out. Several plans were tried to get the deer out. Finally a ranger walked carefully out onto the ice and lassoed the deer's antlers. The animal was alarmed at first, but calmed as he realized he was being dragged to safety. Once on solid ground he took off with the rope still partly hanging from his antlers. He appeared to still be healthy and uninjured.

Source: 7News

Laurie Kay Olson
Animal News Blogger


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