How do you protect your floors from your puppy's or dog's muddy paws?  Here's an idea for that: the Paw Plunger
Though it's name is kind of corny, it is descriptive of what the gadget
does, and the product has been reviewed highly by customers.


The Paw Plunger, for dirty dog pawsThe Paw Plunger, for dirty dog paws


The Paw Plunger top viewThe Paw Plunger top view


The Paw Plunger: brushes inside the cup remove mud and ice from dog pawsThe Paw Plunger: brushes inside the cup remove mud and ice from dog paws


On any wet, snowy or icy day, there's plenty of mud or ice around that sticks to your dog's paws and fur. Get the Paw Plunger ready at the door with warm soapy water and, one by one, insert your pup's paws into the cup.  Then twist and turn, so the Plunger's internal brushes can work off the dirt, remove his paw, and then dry it off.

Here's a video showing how the Paw Plunger works...



Paw Plunger is available in petite (for toy dogs), medium (for dogs 20 to 80 pounds), and  large (for most dogs over 80 pounds).


The Paw Plunger Baggel for storage and paw dryingThe Paw Plunger Baggel for storage and paw drying


As an extra, you may want to consider the Paw Plunger Baggel, an extra-absorbent micr-fiber cloth bag that you can use to wipe your dog's paws after they've been cleaned by the Plunger, as well as a storage bag for between uses.  The cute bag is a mottled brown pattern and fits over the medium and large Paw Plungers.


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