The presidential debates are over, and  it's time for Americans to cast their votes, but some American pets have already voted with their (four) feet. Or rather, their owners have voted with their choice of pet names.


Cats engaging in a "presidential debate" (Photo by recubejim, flickr)Cats engaging in a "presidential debate" (Photo by recubejim, flickr)


In honor of election week, the California-based company Veterinary Pet Insurance scoured their database of more than 485,000 customers nationwide, looking for pets whose names matched the last names of U.S. presidents. The company didn't say how many of their clients were cat owners, but surprisingly, "Garfield" was not a top choice. Amongst the 3,400 pets with presidential names, the most popular were "Jackson," "Madison," and "Wilson." Of course, for all we know, the owners of all those "Wilson"s might have just had the volleyball from the movie Cast Away in mind.


Does this dog look more like a "Lincoln" or a "Reagan"? (Photo by recubejim, flickr)Does this dog look more like a "Lincoln" or a "Reagan"? (Photo by recubejim, flickr)


"Lincoln" and "Reagan" turned out to be pretty common monikers, and they were undoubtedly inspired by presidents. Also probably named after a president were five pets called "Obama." As for the other candidate, no "Romney"s turned up in the database.


Source: The Orange County Register


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