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The Most Stylish, Compact, & 'DeLuxe' Cat Condo Ever Designed

I've found the be-all and end-all of cat condos.  It's compact; great for apartment living, but that won't stop you from buying it, if you live in a mansion.  It goes in any room in your home; if you don't like white, you can paint it.  It's efficient, serving all of a cat's biological needs.  It's ecologically sourced from renewable forest lands and has recycled parts.  And it's just darn 'DeLuxe" stunning!


The 'Deluxe' Cat Condo: image via dogue.com.auThe 'Deluxe' Cat Condo: image via dogue.com.au


Wait until you see the inside.  Three levels: lower level for the kitty box, mid-level for dining, and top level for cat napping and entertainment. And there are interior steps for your cat to climb to each level!  And easy to access drawers for you to replenish and clean.  How could this cat condo be more convenient?


The 'Deluxe' Cat Condo interior from top: image via dogue.com.auThe 'Deluxe' Cat Condo interior from top: image via dogue.com.au


 The 'Deluxe' Cat Condo 'dining room': image via dogue.com.auThe 'Deluxe' Cat Condo 'dining room': image via dogue.com.au


The 'Deluxe' Cat Condo, side view: image via dogue.com.auThe 'Deluxe' Cat Condo, side view: image via dogue.com.au


This Australian masterpiece is sold by Dogue, the upscale, mostly dog boutique in Sydney, Australia and online.  Self assembly required... give your cat some help with this.


That's the buzz for today!


Lady Bee
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