Monkey Business Is Not Exactly Cricket

Last Friday a cricket test match warm up in India was interrupted by three Langur monkeys who suddenly developed a curiosity about what the English team was up to on the pitch. Finally, like any sensible primates, Langur Monkey (Photo by Yann/Creative Comons via Wikimedia)Langur Monkey (Photo by Yann/Creative Comons via Wikimedia)the frisky trio got bored with the game and left to seek better entertainment elsewhere.

England is developing something of a reputation for having their matches interrupted while on tour. Previous invaders had included lizards and snakes. In 2003 during a match against Bangladesh, a cobra dropped from a tree and managed to slither its way around the boundary causing chaos. The crowd scattered while two attendants grabbed chairs and beat the hapless viper to death.

Back in May of this year a snake and a monitor lizard slowed down the proceedings of one of England's matches in Sri Lanka.

Sources: Huffington Post, The Telegraph

Laurie Kay Olson
Animal News Blogger


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