It's not just the human species where mommy loves baby. The maternal instinct is strong throughout the animal kingdom. 

Curious as to which animals are the best moms in the animal kingdom? The topic is a subject of hot debate. Some of the best moms with the strongest maternal instinct include gorillas, elephants and polar bears. 

Elephants endure 22 month pregnancies to give birth to their little ones.

Polar bears have to double in weight in pregnancy which typical falls around 400 pounds (and you thought humans gained baby weight when they get pregnant!).  Lucky polar bears are usually asleep when they give birth.

Elephant seals quickly lose the baby weight they gained and typically lose around 600 pounds or so in the first month after giving birth just by nursing their baby cub.   (Oh if it was only so easy to lose the baby weight!)

Now that you know more about what moms go through to have their babies, take a look at these adorable animal moms with their babies.

These adorable mom and baby pictures offer indisputable proof that when it comes to love, all moms love their babies.


1.Panda Cuddling Its Little One

Source:  Top Inspired


2.  Puppy Can't Get Better Sleep Anywhere But Here

Source: SunnySkyz


3.Polar Bear Mama Holds The Naughty Cub's Ear


Source: Dose


4.Gorilla Mother

Source: Indulgy


5.Puppy Petting Its Mother

Source: Lovely Daily Photo


6. Little Lamb With Mother Sheep


Source: Red Bubble


7. Little Kangaroo Sharing A Secret With Mom

Source: Tumblr


8. Playful Cubs With Mother Fox

Source: CenterBlog


9. Watchful Mother Lioness

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10.Cute Puppy Insists On Playing Right Now!

Source: Just Cute Animals


11. No Doubt About The Love

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So what do you think of these adorable mommies with their babies? Which do you think is the cutest? 

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