Magnet Mesh Peanut FeederMagnet Mesh Peanut Feeder

Ever think of going into the bird catering business? You can cater to
many birds right in your backyard. If you have a variety of backyard
birds, you know that one feeder is not
enough for all of them.  It's not just the size of the feeder that's
inadequate to accommodate so many birds, but the style of the feeder and
the food it contains matters to the species of birds you attract, as
well as to your decorative taste.

The platform style of bird feeder is very popular because it can attract
the greatest variety of bird types, depending on the types of food you
put in the feeder - seeds, nuts, fruit, or suet.   The size of the bird
feeder will limit the size of the bird that visits, as will a feeder cover, awning, or level.  A single level large platform  without cover or upper levels will attract the most species of birds of different sizes, depending on the foods you provide.

Here are five sweet, decorative feeders for different types of  wild birds from Duncraft Wildbird Superstore, which has a terrific selection of every kind of bird feeder you could want. (Amazon also has many of the feeders available here as well.)


1. Multi-Level Platform Bird Feeder

For smaller birds, the Multi-Level Platform Bird Feeder gives you two opportunities to attract.  The best selection for the top level would be water or mealworms.


Multi Level Platform Bird Feeder: via duncraft.comMulti Level Platform Bird Feeder: via


2.  Squirrel Proof Small Bird Feeder

Dozens of small birds can enter Duncraft's Metal Selective feeder and eat in peace!  No worries about the big guys or squirrels stealing their stuff!


Duncraft Metal Selective feeder for small birdsDuncraft Metal Selective feeder for small birds



3.  Fat Cat Fruit Spear, Bird Fruit Feeder

Duncraft has at least a dozen gorgeous designs of fruit and nut bird feeders, but the Fat Cat Fruit SpearFat Cat Fruit Spear


4.   Iron Mesh Peanut Feeder

So many birds love peanuts, but only the larger ones can carry them away to a safe place, where they can crack open the shells.  Let them peck the shells right through the Magnet Mesh Peanut Feeder; even the woodpeckers will love it!


Magnet Mesh Peanut FeederMagnet Mesh Peanut Feeder


5.  Upside Down Disk Suet Feeder

You'll attract woodpeckers, chickadees, tits, nuthatches, wrens and other suet-eating birds with this Upside Down Disk Suet Feeder that has a wide enough cover to protect birds from weather and the suet from starlings!


Upside Down Disk Suet FeederUpside Down Disk Suet Feeder


All of these and more are available at Duncraft Wildbird Superstore - it caters to birds!

That's the buzz for today!


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