Spring Break is almost here, and plenty of people have started their plans for the greatest vacation ever! If you’re scheduling a trip to high-five Donald Duck, ride a rollercoaster made of Legos or to meet Shamu up close and personal with your friends and family, you’ve probably considered what to do about your beloved pets while you’re having enjoying the parks. While you could ask someone to feed, walk and look after your animal buddy, wouldn’t it be much more fun to bring them with you to the Sunshine State? Below are a list of the most popular theme parks in Florida that offer kenneling services and what you’ll need to do before you drop your four-legged friend off for the day. Just don’t forget to buy them a souvenir squeaky gator or mouse-shaped ice cream treat too!

Walt Disney World Kennel Info:

While other theme parks might have a basic kennel section, Disney’s facilities are so impressive and grand, that I would say that “Best Friends Pet Care” is the ultimate animal resort. Taking care of all species of dogs and cats, as well as birds, reptiles and rodent pets is their specialty. (I’d have brought my gibbon and cobra the last time I went to Epcot, but they don’t take in primates, venomous creatures or other exotic pets…) Just make sure that your pet is all caught up with its vaccines!

Best Friends Pet Care hosts a wealth of services, including single day stays, bottled water, gourmet treats, supervised playtime with other friendly pets and crew members, flea treatments, baths, top notch grooming and even bedtime stories! How cute is that?! You are able to choose the suite that suits your pup or kitty the best: Would your cat prefer a two or four level condo? Would Bowser like the Indoor/Outdoor suite or the Vacation Villa with his own potty walk and flat-screen TV? Decisions, decisions!

A suite at Best Friends Pet Care.: (Photo by insidethemagic /Creative Commons via Flickr)A suite at Best Friends Pet Care.: (Photo by insidethemagic /Creative Commons via Flickr)

My best tip for this wonderful pet paradise is to make a reservation in advance- Tourists from all over North America are coming to taste the best of Epcot and to go soaring with Dumbo. Even though they can easily take in and pamper up to 300 pets at once, space can be limited at times! The overwhelmingly positive care and attention that Disney gives to its kibble-munching guests makes it the top choice for the fuzzy, feathered or scaly companion’s vaca- I mean, YOUR Florida vacation.

Universal Orlando Resort Kennel Info:

The Universal Studios theme parks provide daytime kennel services with explicit instructions for the vaccinations that your dog or cat must have before hanging out with Shrek and Spider-Man, as listed below:

“Dogs: Rabies, Bordetella and D.H.P.P.
Cats: Rabies, Calicivirus, Panleukopenia and Rhinotrachetitis
All of the shots must be listed along with expiration dates.”

(Photo by blondeheroine /Creative Commons via Flickr)(Photo by blondeheroine /Creative Commons via Flickr)

While Universal’s kennels will provide drinking water and a clean kennel for cats and dogs, you’ll need to provide food and a few comfort items to put your pet’s mind at ease. You’ll have to take a break to take your dog for a potty break though. Cats and dogs under 39lbs. will stay in the air conditioned indoor kennels, while larger dogs stay in a covered outdoor area with fans and cool concrete floors.

Sea World Orlando and Busch Gardens Kennel Info:

This duo of nature-themed parks both imply that they will kennel both dogs and cats, even though only dogs are mentioned. You’ll need to take time from enjoying the wildlife to walk your dog by returning to the main entrance as needed. You need to provide food and you’re encouraged to drop off a special comfort blanket in these kennels as well. All of the kennel sections are air conditioned and that “Passport members” get a discount. As always, make 100% sure to bring an updated shot record and a rabies tag!


(Photo by wbeem /Creative Commons via Flickr)(Photo by wbeem /Creative Commons via Flickr)


Legoland Kennel Info:

Easily the most mysterious of the five, the official website’s statement regarding Legoland’s pet kennels is as follows:

“Pets are not permitted within the park grounds except for trained service animals. Kennels are located west of the front gate area. Inquire at ticketing windows for deposit information and check-in prior to proceeding to Pet Kennels.”

(Image via Legoland Florida website)(Image via Legoland Florida website)

Do you and your pet a favor, and call ahead for more information before you bring them to Legoland.

No matter which thrilling Floridian theme parks you visit with your pet, just remember to update their vaccines, bring along whatever the resort asks you to, and to call ahead if you have any questions or concerns. Above all else, have fun!