Last Friday Ryan Smith came home to every parent's nightmare. His son
Riley was missing. Earlier that afternoon his son, six-year-old Riley,
had chased the new puppy he had received for Christmas into the woodsRiley and his puppy (You Tube Image)Riley and his puppy (You Tube Image)
behind their home and disappeared. A few hours later hundreds of
volunteer showed up on the Smith family doorstep to help search for the

Canine units from several counties, firefighters, and a helicopter assisted in the search.  Six hours later the boy was found. Though extremely cold he was unhurt. By that time he had lost his shoes and his socks. He had gotten himself down into some brush and the two family dogs had stayed with him and kept him warm. 

Riley was sent to the hospital just to make sure that he was unhurt and none the worse for wear. By Sunday he was back at home and playing video games with his twin brother. 

The family is not only thrilled to have Riley back safe and sound, but extremely grateful that their dogs had saved him from the freezing weather.

Source: WTVR