Mimi: Eulogy For An Elephant

Sad news was announced by the Denver Zoo on Wednesday. Mimi, their beloved Asian elephant, was euthanized late Tuesday. The pachyderm was believed to be around 53 years old and had lived at the zoo since 1961. She had been in hospice care at the zoo since August as her health and vitality had begun to Mimi the Elephant (You Tube Image)Mimi the Elephant (You Tube Image)decline.

She had begun to refuse food and medicine and zookeepers promised her that they would keep her comfortable as long as possible. They allowed her to choose the area of the Toyota Elephant Passage that she wanted to spend her time. She selected an enclosed, outdoor paddock that gave her privacy and quiet away from the zoo's visitors. On Tuesday Mimi was no longer able to lift her trunk and could barely walk. It was then that the zookeepers decided that euthanasia would be the appropriate course of action, as well as the kindest. Mimi beat the odds and lived about 11 years longer than Asian elephants do on average.

The zoo will provide the public with opportunities to share memories of Mimi both at the zoo and on their Facebook page.

Source: The Denver Post

Laurie Kay Olson
Animal News Blogger


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