As many of you may have heard recently, a famous mouse bought an immensely popular science fiction series. Illustrative artist Anntema was way ahead of that game!


Jedi by Anntema: Space mice art of Anntema.


For those mice lovers among you, you would appreciate Anntema's mouse art gallery. Anntema's favorite subject is mice art, and she has a great collection of imaginative images including space mice, dragon mice, even a great mouse art series based on the seven deadly sins, which includes this mouse illustration of envy:


Envy Mouse by Anntema: This mouse looks trap in the green coils of the serpent of envy.


Anntema does have animal art including critters like this mean looking squirrel,...


Ice Squirrel by Anntema: Squirrel art by Anntema that if you saw in real life, you'd think you were nuts!


However, Anntema is still first and foremost an imaginative mouse artist. The Matrix-esque mouse is my favorite, but the nightmare mouse reminds me of something from "The Secret of Nimh" one of my favorite cartoons as a kid. 


 X Mouse by Anntema: This mouse looks ready to be disconnected! Sci-fi mouse art by Anntema


Nightmare by Anntema: This mouse design is on the verge of being bat art! Nightmare mouse by Anntema.


Some Anntema's most unique designs were these of the mechanic mice and the hooligan mouse.


Mechanic Mice by Anntema: I would put these mice to work. They look ready to go!


Hoolimaice by Anntema: Hooligan mouse might look cute, but might be up to no good!


Which of these mouse art images are your favorites? Maybe there is one you'd like better on Anntema's animal art gallery.  I assure you, Anntema has many more impressive mice and more! If you liked this style of art, check out Kodriak's art or the animal sculptures of Ellen Jewet.


Animal art used with artist Anntema's permission.


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