Hey small dog owners! Have you ever noticed that the vast majority of toys in the big name pet stores are made for larger dog breeds instead your Yorkies, Pomeranians and Chihuahuas? Don’t let the big dogs have all the fun! I’ve found three fantastic dog toy creators who have your toy dog in mind!

Animal Adventure

While you’ll have to be on your toes to find the latest gems from Animal Adventure in a bin full of other soft and cuddly dog toys at retail stores across America, I can safely say that they make the absolute best Yorkie toys on the market. Many of Scribbles’ toys, including her all-time favorite, a red plush squeaky sheep bought from a Target store, were made by this incredibly talented team of designers. Keep an eye out for Animal Adventure’s plushies, they’re worth every cent and then some for your little dogs!



P.L.A.Y.’s collection of plush, hand-made toys are small, durable and made with eco-friendly materials. The team have released two sets of soft playthings, the Garden Fresh and Under the Sea series, and I was impressed with the cute designs, many long and slim sections for itty-bitty mouths to clamp down on (squid legs, crab claws, carrot greenery, etc.), and that P.L.A.Y. meets the same standards used to produce infant and children toys! That’s dedication to quality!



From my extensive research, it would seem that the HuggleHounds crew does their best to infuse a consistent mixture of comfort, sweetness and innovation into their toy breed-friendly toys. The toy line that stood out for me are HuggleHounds’ Knotties. These bumpy animals are packed with easy-to-bite squeakers, entertaining crinkly bits and are machine washable, so you won’t cringe when Lil’ Cujo takes her raccoon to bed at night.

Even if you have to special order your terrier a soft, crinkling and cushioned toy online, nothing will warm your heart more than watching your buddy drag their favorite plushie all over the house. Trust me, it’s not officially bedtime for my Yorkie until I find her red sheep and place it on her blanket! Goodnight, everybody!

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