Sure kittens are tiny and cute but Marshmallow, a fluffy white feline furball born prematurely, may be the tiniest and cutest of them all.

Marshmallow is a peke-faced Persian kitten born prematurely (and evidently, alone) to her mother, Mochi. She only weighed around 40 grams (about 1.4 oz) at birth, which is just 60 percent of what an average newborn kitten should weigh.

Life was tough for Marshmallow at first: she had trouble keeping warm and either rested on a heating pad supplied by her owner or snuggled up close to her mother when she wanted to sleep. On the bright side, being an only kitten meant there was no competition at mealtimes, a fact that Marshmallow took full advantage of.

One month after her birth, Marshmallow's weight has increased by a factor of ten: yes, she tilts the scales at one full pound (454 grams)! She now finds comfort inside her oversized Croc slipper bed – hey, wouldn't you? Check out Marshmallow's latest adventures on this video posted at YouTube by her owner, sweetfurx4:

What lies ahead for little Marshmallow? If the video and these images are any indication, a life of leisure is in the offing for "Marshy".

As well, Japan's recent history of Internet superstar blogging cats hints at Marshmallow enjoying the fruits of celebrity status though her owner will be the one doing all the work. Not bad for a teeny preemie kitten once small & light enough to be blown away by a stiff breeze. (via Gigazine)  

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