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I first wrote about Matter of Trust in 2008. 2 years later they are still doing their part to help clean up oil spills with hair, nylons and fur. "Anyone and Everyone: salons, groomers, individuals can sign up to donate hair and fur clippins and nylons for our Oil Spill Booms. Our Excess Access program sign up is free, fast and helps us to coordinate the masses of donations" (Matter of Trust). The fur (or hair) donated from people all over the world is mailed to Matter of Trust. Matter of Trust takes the fur and stuffs it into reused Nylon or weaves it into mats, which are then used to clean up the oil.

Watch how Matter of Trust collects and then uses the oil to clean up the spills in this YouTube video.

If you wish to donate fur or hair or nylons to the Excess Access program or would like to know more about the program visit the Matter Of Trust website.

Click on the links that follow to read about other ways pet fur and human hair are recycled.

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