Llama On The Loose On College Campus

Earlier this week a llama drama unfolded in the town of Trinidad in Southern Colorado. The animal had managed to escape its owner and go for a stroll around the campus of Trinidad State Junior College. Police were called in to try and round up the llama, but it was unwilling to cooperate with authorities. It was not the fugitive's first offense.

Llama On The Loose (You Tube Image)Llama On The Loose (You Tube Image)

You might suppose that a llama on campus would be a rare sight. For students at staff at the junior college it really isn't. The owner of this llama used to own three llamas and the lot of them would routinely break loose to go walk about. Two of the llamas were recently sold and the remaining animal apparently chose to make its final bid for freedom. He was last seen heading for Atchison Canyon on the west side of town.

Llama On The Loose (You Tube Image)Llama On The Loose (You Tube Image)

Sadly, what started out as a fun and light-hearted news story ended in tragedy as the llama was later found dead near the canyon. Four individuals believed to have been involved in killing the animal are now in police custody. One of them is thought to be part owner of the llama. A veterinarian is conducting a necropsy (the animal version of an autopsy) to determine the cause of death.

No charges have yet been filed against the suspects. The llama was the only one harmed during the incident. While guilty of being a repeated nuisance, it hardly deserved the death penalty.

Sources: 9News, Fox21

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