Miniature horses are becoming popular as pets and can also be trained as service animals, but a little equine in Wisconsin has an extra special job. Tinker, a miniature horse like the one pictured below, is a Salvation Army bell ringer, and he's stunningly good at it.


Photo by justchaos, flickrPhoto by justchaos, flickr


Salvation army bell ringers are a familiar sight around Christmas time, standing outside of businesses to solicit donations for their red kettles. According to Salvation Army commander Major Roger Ross, these volunteers can collect around $250 for charity in a couple of hours.


Photo by Dwight BurdettePhoto by Dwight Burdette


But Tinker has the human volunteers beat by a mile, sometimes bringing in as much as $2,500 in the same amount of time. How does he do it? Consummate professionalism. He comes dressed for the job, wearing a Salvation Army apron, a Santa hat, and glitter on his hooves. He rings the red bell with his mouth, and after a donation, he holds up a sign saying, "Thank You Merry Christmas." Of course, it also doesn't hurt that he is an adorable miniature horse.

"The line up to put money in [Tinker]'s kettle," says Major Ross. With results like these, it won't be long before we have miniature horses doing all of our holiday tasks.


Photo by pmarkham, flickrPhoto by pmarkham, flickr


Decorating, shopping, and especially sleigh-pulling come to mind.