5+ Best Cat Litter Mats That Prevent The Spread Of Cat Litter



Finding cat litter on carpeting, clothing, furniture, even your bed... is, well, disgusting. That's why every cat owner searches for the perfect litter mat that will attract that litter off their cat's feet like a magnet the second he leaves his litter box. Is there a perfect litter mat?  Here are five that come pretty close, according to the cat owners who have tried them.

1. iPrimio Cat Litter Trapper

 The iPrimio Cat Litter Trapper is a good mat  for messy cats with a multilayered bottom piece than prevents any possible leaks. It is similar in design with the  Blackhole Kitty Litter Mat  (which also gets terrific reviews) but with smooth holes that are a bit larger in the top layer for easier cleaning and a waterproof EVA foam bottom later.  A nice feature of the mat is that for very messy cats, you can add a standard puppy pad sandwiched between the layers to provide even more protection. My biggest issue with the mat is that is is one of the smaller mats on our recommended list (only  32' by 23') but it is a good size for most homes.  I also found it a bit more awkward to clean than other mats on this list.  If you are looking for more protection than simply catching stray cat ltter, the iPrimio is a great option. 

 iPrimio Leakproof Cat Litter MatiPrimio Leakproof Cat Litter Mat

2. Pet Fusion SmartGrip Cat Litter Mat




The PetFusionSmartGrip Litter Mat is very popular among cat owners. As of this writing, the mat has almost 5000 customer reviews on Amazon.com, mostly excellent ones. The PetFusion is also large enough to surround a single cat litter box and the mat material holds the litter. One consistent comment concerned the ease of cleaning the mat using a broom, a vacuum, a sponge, or even just shaking it out.  It is absolutely much easier to clean than most other mats on the market. It is also smoother than many mats so for cats with sensitive paws, it is a good smooth mat option. The PetFusion SmartGrip is probably the most attractive cat litter mat out there. It comes in your choice of 6 pastel colors and has a modern clean design.

 3.  Purr-Fect Paws Cat Litter Mat

If you are looking for a small and simple mat that works well at catching kitty litter, the Purr-fect Paws Cat Litter Mat may work well for you. I prefer larger mats but for those with smaller tight spaces, the  Purr-fect Paws is a great mat options. The medium mat is 24' by 15' and has  larger sizes as well . It comes in three colors and is less expensive than some of the other mats I have recommended here.  I like that it is so easy to clean. You can just roll up the mat and shake the litter back into the litter box and you can even wash the mat in the washing machine.  I love that you do not have to vacuum or hose down this mat. This mat is very low muss and fuss and works well at catching litter. 

Purr-Fect Paws Cat MatPurr-Fect Paws Cat Mat



4. Jumbl Paw Shaped Cat Litter Mat

The Jumbl Paw Shaped Cat Litter Mat very effectively traps litter but unlike many mats, it is also soft and squishy so very gentle on paws.   Bright and cheerful in a playful cat paw design in a whole bunch of great colors, the mat is designed to so that you can just shake the mat  or rinse it to clean it.  Don't let the cute look of the mat fool you, this mat definitely works.


5. PetMate Litter Catcher Mat in Xtra Large


It is hard to find a mat that is large enough to effectively trap litter. The Litter Catcher offers an extra large size that is almost 4 feet wide (at 47 by 32 inches). This mat offers a nice combination of large size with good trapping capability. Folks who have bought this mat seem to have some concerns about durability and design especially with cats that scratch a lot, but overall, it gets strong positive reviews.

Best Of Them All? Easyology Jumbo Size Cat Litter Mat

After I first wrote this article, I discovered  the Easyology Premium Cat Litter Mat when it was recommended to me by a few readers. It's a cat litter mat that as has almost all five star reviews  on Amazon. (Some folks had issues with the durability of the mat. ) My biggest issue with the Easyology Premium Mat was that is was only 3' by 2'. Well,  Easyology has now come up with the Easyology Jumbo Size Cat Litter Mat  (it is 47 inches by 36 inches). I highly recommend it. It's made of a heavy and durable pvc plastic so it is easy to vacuum or rinse out. It can also be used as a handy mat throughout the house.  While it only has a few hundred reviews for it on Amazon, it has a perfect  5 star rating from users so far. I personally found  the Easyology Jumbo Mat to be a well made mat that is large enough to work well at keeping kitty litter mess under control. I love the larger size and like the overall look f the mat.  I'd love it if this mat had a bottom layer than was lined and it was made with a more durable material, but for the price, I think it is a great cat mat option. 

Easyology Jumbo Cat MatEasyology Jumbo Cat Mat 

When it comes to choosing litter mats, you have to take the size of your cat's litter box into consideration, as well as the material of the mat. More than one mat may be necessary to cover the areas where your cat tends to shed the litter.  Also, many cat litter boxes have more than one exit, so all exits need to be protected.

Note to cat litter mat companies:  Make them bigger!

If you need a great vacuum for picking up any stray cat litter, take a look at what we recommend as the best vacuums for picking up cat litter.


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Article created January 2013 and  completely updated April 2016.

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Apr 11, 2015
by Anonymous
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I wish i could have one for

I wish i could have one for my cats!

May 4, 2015
by Anonymous
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Good one. Thanks for sharing

Good one. Thanks for sharing this. This blog is quite informative for all cat owners and how are very careful about their care. Taking care of pets is our responsible. The above 5 Cat Litter Mats are really very beautiful and appreciable. I think I will go for the third one. The blackhole little mat is looking good. 

Oct 10, 2015
by Anonymous
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Thanks so much for this

Thanks so much for this article. I bought the Easyology based on your recommendation and it is helping so much in keeping the floors cleaner. I recommend getting a mat, it makes such a huge difference.

Oct 12, 2015
by Anonymous
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Thanks for these information

Thanks for these information they are very much needed for giving a healthy life to pets. Though we always not aware but sometimes we should focus on the better health and living scenarios

Nov 19, 2015
by Anonymous
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Thanks for the info. I ended

Thanks for the info. I ended up purchasing the Easyology Premium Cat Litter Mat. I can report back once it arrives and gets used a bit.

Dec 27, 2015
by Anonymous
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I ended up ordering LL Bean

I ended up ordering LL Bean Waterhog mats. While not a cat litter mat, they come in different sizes and colors. I went this route because I could get a larger size and they have worked very well at holding the litter.

Jan 2, 2016
by Anonymous
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I would like to purchase the

I would like to purchase the Jumbl cat litter mat catcher -smart grip paw shaped mat but Amazon will not ship them Australia, I tried to find the manufacturer on line but just hit dead ends. Does anyone k ow who would ship them. eBay has similar but they are not Jumbl
Thank you

Jan 4, 2016
by Anonymous
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I wish I had a cat so I

I wish I had a cat so I could have one of these mats!

Jan 12, 2016
by Anonymous
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I don't like to vacuum

I don't like to vacuum litter because it eventually will start to clog up and damage the vac. Can you 'EASILY' shake the litter off the Easyology mat or does it get trapped in the synthetic fibers?? I can see this being a problem and an eye sore eventually if it doesn't easily come off.

Apr 1, 2016
by kat
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The Purr-fect paws mat is a

The Purr-fect paws mat is a great one for just rolling up and shaking litter back into the litter box.

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