5 Best Cat Litter Mats You Can Buy

Easyology Jumbo Size Cat Litter Mat


Finding cat litter on carpeting, clothing, furniture, even your bed... is, well, disgusting. That's why every cat owner searches for the perfect litter mat that will attract litter off their cat's feet like a magnet, the second he leaves his litter box. Is there a perfect litter mat? 

Here are 5+ (revised to 6+) Best Cat Litter Mats sold on Amazon; each has hundreds of customer reviews and nearly 5-star overall ratings.  I numerically list the top 6 for convenience only; they are NOT RANKED. Then I add a few cat litter mats that come so close to the top, they are given 'honorable mentions.'

One thing you should be aware of when purchasing a cat litter mat or any pet product is the BPA and phthalate (pronounced 'thalate') content. Phthalate is often present in polypropylene and other plastics and is considered, like BPA, harmful to you, your pets, and the environment.  Stay away from it!  The litter mats below do not contain BPA or phthalate.


1. Easyology Cat Litter Mats

Easyology has two sizes of large: Easyology Extra Large Super Size (35" by 23") and  Easyology Jumbo Size Cat Litter Mat  (47" by 35").


Easyology Extra Large Super Size Cat Litter Mat

Easyology Extra Large Super Size Cat Litter Mat


The Easiology mats have more than 6,000 positive reviews on Amazon, making it one of the most popular kitty litter mats and one of the highest rated. It's made of a heavy, durable PVC - easy to shake out, vacuum, or rinse off. Look at the close-up photo below and you will see how the litter gets trapped in the mat.

Easyology Cat Litter Mat - Close up


The Easyology makes a pretty decent doormat or a below-sink mat too!  I personally find the Easyology mats to be well made and large enough to work well at keeping kitty litter mess under control. I love the larger size of the Super Size Easiology Mat for just one cat box and the fact that the Jumbo Mat serves two cat litter boxes amply is love in overdose!

Also, it's not a bad-looking mat to have around the house. The Easiology comes in grey, as shown in these photos, light grey, black, brown, beige, and blue.


Easiology Jumbo Kitty Litter Mat

Easyology Jumbo Cat Litter Mat


2. Blackhole Cat Litter Mat

The Blackhole is an interesting mat. It has two layers, the top one having both convex and concave 'bubbles' intermittent across the surface. This makes the surface of the mat really soft on kitty paws and, at the same time, makes it easy for kitty to release any litter from his paws into the lower, or catch-all layer. The mat opens at one end, so every day or few days, you can lift the mat, open it, and pour the kitty litter back into the box if you wish. Then you can just hose the mat off with water to clean.  The Blackhole Cat Litter Mat comes in black, beige, and a very hot lime green!

One neat thing about a double mat is that you can slide a 'puppy pad' between the layers, if you have a cat who tends to pee outside the box. It's a good way to keep the bottom, nylon, layer fresh. Two issues have come up most often with customers: some have said the Blackhole's surface is not 'acceptable' to their cats, and some would prefer two separate layers with a tray as the bottom layer. But these concerns are very infrequent and the ratings for the Blackhole, on the whole, are as high as the others in the top 5 cat litter mats. It comes in black, beige, and lime green!


Blackhole Cat Litter Mat

Blackhole Cat Litter Mat


3. iPrimio Cat Litter Trapper

The iPrimio Cat Litter Trapper is a great mat for messy cats, as it has a multi-layered bottom piece that prevents possible leaks. It is similar in design to the Blackhole Kitty Litter Mat (above) but iPrimio has holes that are a bit larger in the top layer for easier removal of larger cat litter.  iPrimio also opens on three sides, whereas the Blackhole mat opens on one side. You can use a pee pad between these two layers, but the manufacturer says its 'exclusive plastic film' will prevent damage to the mat, so you don't need an extra pad. This design has caught on and you will find it in less expensive mats, but the quality may not be there.

iPrimio comes in small, large, and jumbo!

iPrimio Leakproof Cat Litter Mat


4. Smiling Paws Premium Cat Litter Mat

The Smiling Paws Litter Mat will make you smile.  It's very functional, don't get me wrong, but the Smiling Paws cat logo does win any logo competition these mats may have! But getting to the functional side of this mat, it's larger than most (actually two large sizes!), customers say it really works at trapping litter, it has a non-slip backing (I wish I could say that about my kitty litter box!), and it's 'urine-proof.'  Well, if that's not enough, the Smiling Paws Premium Cat Litter Mat has a lifetime guarantee!

Smiling Paws comes in beige, black, brown, and grey.

Smiling Paws Premium Cat Litter Mat


5. Pawkin Extra Large Cat Litter Mat

A spongy, patterned mat, much like the Easyology, above, but Pawkin has a patent on its 'Litter Lock' technology. Pawkin claims its mat is softer than others and that it is easier to clean. The mat can be easily rinsed off with water, but with various sizes of kitty litter used by its customers, it may be tougher to remove some litter than others. If litter should get stuck in the fibers, you might try using a hard spray with a water hose. One customer wrote that she stomped on the mat to break up the litter and then vacuumed it all up. Overall, though, the Pawkin has extremely positive reviews. At 35" by 23," it is the same size as the Easeology extra large size, above.  It comes in grey, brown, and beige.


Pawkin Extra Large Cat Litter Mat

Pawkin Extra Large Cat Litter Mat


6. PetFusion ToughGrip Cat Litter Mat

Having recently reviewed the PetFusion ToughGrip Cat Litter Mat in a separate blog, I decided that this mat belongs among my other 5 top picks for best cat litter mat. It certainly competes as far as customer reviews are concerned, earning one of the top percentages of positive reviews from customers. It's quite different in construction from the other great mats here, as it is a silicone mat which may be more comfortable for your cat's paws and easier to get really clean, as you can pour the litter back in the box right from the mat, or sweep, vacuum, or hose the mat off without much effort. And this litter mat also retains any "accidents" that may land on it.

The ToughGrip Cat Litter Mat even has gripping on the underside so the mat doesn't slide on wood or tile floors. 

The ToughGrip does the job from two perspectives: it traps cat litter and it's so very easy to keep clean. It comes in two sizes, the large, shown below, is 23" x 30," and there is also an extra large size for two litter boxes that measures 28" x 36." See PetFusion's entire privacy suite of "Personal Items For Your Cat" here.


PetFusion ToughGrip Waterproof Litter Mat


Honorable Mentions

Some of these mats may be smaller than those above or they have different methods of holding cat litter, but they have a lot of fans - cats and owners.  So we want to give you a few more choices to consider before you take the plunge.  Here are some additional great mats....

Purr-fect Paws Cat Litter Mat  Saves a few bucks, does its job, easy to rinse, but can even be put in the washing machine! (See adorable photo at the very top!)

Jumbl Paw Shaped Cat Litter Mat  Bright and cheerful paw-shaped mat, cleans up nice, and is soft on cat paws!

PetMate Litter Catcher Mat  Extra large is really extra large, but large and extra large have good trapping capability too!

When it comes to choosing litter mats, you have to take the size of your cat's litter box into consideration, as well as the material of the mat. More than one mat may be necessary to cover the areas where your cat tends to shed litter.  Also, some cat litter boxes have more than one exit, so all exits need to be protected.

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