Let Meow't® Cat Patio Lets Indoor Cats Hang Out

Indoor cats have it rough. It's hard enough for them to squelch their instincts to hunt, but they have to stay in the same environment day in and day out. B O R I N G for a cat.

Korean company Monotech, has solved the boredom problem -- well, just a tad -- with a hanging cat enclosure called the Let Meowt® Window Cat Patio which, like an air conditioning unit, can be installed in up-and-down opening windows. The Window Cat Patio retails for $149.

This looks like a good idea; the Let Meowt® has even won a few awards at pet expos. But at these dimensions - L23.5" X W18" X H9.25" - it's just too small for a cat to hang out in. Cats like to stretch out, often to their full length, which can be up 4 feet for a medium size cat.

So, my verdict is, the Let Meowt Window Mount Cat Patio may be a good thing for kittens or very small cats. It's not a hang-out for the big cats.


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Lady Bee
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Aug 14, 2008
by Anonymous

you're right, but ain't

you're right, but ain't asian cats smaller? ok, just kidding.
what i don't understand is why don't they stretch that box to the full width of the window? that would fix the stretched/large cat issue. they could have made it also with simple wire-frame, there's not much visibility in their design, not to mention that these are dogs paws cut-outs. Anyway, I think also it could end-up as the worst torture for the cats, especially having birds teasing them right in front. I think only ground-floor people (like me) should be authorized to have cats. It's just like birds in a cage, fishes in aquarium etc.. if you like animals, don't do that to them. My cat lives in/out and is the happiest pet I know.

Aug 14, 2008
by Lady Bee
Lady Bee's picture

All good observations!

You've made some great points! Thanks for writing in. It's always good to have a happy pets -- that's what we aim for.

Oct 7, 2008
by TheFelineSolarium (not verified)

The Feline Solarium window box seat for cats and pets.

 Dear Lady Bee,

I am new to InventorSpot and believe I have just the product your looking for. My name is Hana McDonough inventor of The Feline Solarium window box seat for cats, Cat Fancy Editor's Choice Award 2007. Please see my website www.thefelinesolarium.com to view my product. My unit is 24" wide, 21" deep, and 17" high, plenty big for large or multi-cat families. It also mounts like an air conditioner unit that locks your window into place. There is a also a channel on YouTube www.youtube.com/thefelinesolarium showing Carmella the cat watching animals from her solarium. 

Hana McDonough

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