Cats just love getting into small, cozy spaces for snoozing or play. One
of their favorite choices for this kind of play is a paper bag. The
cozy space, the rustling paper, the anonymity from which to launch ankle
attacks -- what more could a cat ask for? A Catnip Cave, that's what!

Catnip CavesCatnip Caves

What looks like just another innocent paper bag ready for a bit of paper play is actually infused with catnip to take your cat to the next level of a shredding good time. When rubbed, scratched, wrinkled, crinkled, or crumpled the tantalizing aroma is released. These bags use Nano Burst Technology™ to release molecules of nepetalactone. Nepetalactone is an organic compound isolated from catnip, which acts as a cat attractant. In other words -- meowee wowee!

Catnip CavesCatnip Caves

While the nip aroma is designed to last six weeks, chances are that the bag won't last that long once exposed to overly amorous feline attention. That is why there are four bags in each pack -- so that you have back-up.

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