Learning to use chopsticks can be a tricky thing, but using these fun Creature Crunchers can make it a whole lot easier. The faux chopsticks come in the fun shapes of a shark and an alligator.

Creature CrunchersCreature Crunchers

These dishwasher safe plastic utensils mimic the use of actual chopsticks, but they are attached at the top to make them a bit easier to handle. In addition, the shark and alligator come with teeth (serrated edges) to make it easier for kids to hang on to the food. The use of the Creature Crunchers helps build the skills to one day be able to use real chopsticks -- and make it fun along the way!

Creature CrunchersCreature Crunchers

While these utensils are meant to help kids learn to use chopsticks, they can also work the same magic for adults who have been struggling to learn the required skills. I see using the shark to work on a plate of sushi -- HA!

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