Residents in the mountainous Teller County in Colorado are being advised
to keep an eye on their children and pets when they venture outside
these days. On Monday morning a 6-foot-long, 25-pound Nile monitor lizard apparently went
walkabout in the area after leaving his owner. Nile Monitor Lizard (Photo by Aramari/Creative Commons via Wikimedia)Nile Monitor Lizard (Photo by Aramari/Creative Commons via Wikimedia)

Residents in the subdivisions of Woodland West, Westwood Lakes and Rosewood Hills received automatic calls notifying them of the lizard that was on the loose. While the lizard has never been known to bite, Nile monitors are known to be aggressive and have a powerful bite. In the wild the lizards will eat fish, frogs, snails, birds, and small mammals. In addition to sharp teeth they also have very sharp claws. They are excellent climbers and fast runners. The African native can also do some serious damage with its powerful tail.

Anyone who spots the lizard should not approach it, but contact the Teller County Sheriff's Department with the information. Another call will be made to the residents once the lizard has been located and recaptured. 

Source: 9News, Wikipedia