One of the best skits from the original cast of Saturday Night Live is
the one about the Landshark terrorizing the people of New York. Now you
can have your own with this awesome Land Shark for your lawn or garden.

Land SharkLand Shark

Yep. We're gonna need a bigger yard! Okay, this isn't the biggest shark out there, but it certainly will make a dramatic accent to your lawn. It is made from hand cut metal with a bright rust-colored patina. Since the rust in natural the color will darken over time. It comes in two pieces and comes with everything you need to stake it into the ground. Made in Tucson, Arizona.

Land Shark -- Coming Ashore!Land Shark -- Coming Ashore!

If you have a little beach front property this could be even funnier. I have a small garden area that represents a pond and this would be a great addition to my frogs and swans -- especially if I could make it took like my little Huck Finn was catching it.

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