When Scarlett (my dog) was sick, I had the given task of giving her all of her medications. That included antibiotics, steroids, and pain medications, all in the form of pills. Giving Scarlett one pill is a challenge in itself, let alone giving her multiple pills, multiple times per day. When we were contacted by Kinn Inc., maker of the Kudose Pill Concealer and Treat Maker, I was excited to see what it was about.

Kudose Pill Concealer and Treat Maker


The Kudose Pill Concealer and Treat Maker is a product that allows you to turn giving your pets medications into a pleasant experience. After reading the directions, it is to my understanding that you are able to use your own food in the machine, or you can use one of the recipes on the Kinn website (which look super great)!

This product may also be great for those of you who want to make your own treats. Personally, after dealing with Scarlett's food allergies, I am very cautious as to what I do feed her, so making my own treats is a great way to ensure that nothing bad is going into her system. I have complete control over what goes in.

This may also be a good product for those with older dogs and cats who must take pills on a daily basis for age related issues like arthritis. You can be sure that the pill experience is a good one. 

Below is a picture of what comes in the kit.

Kudose Pill Concealer and Treat Maker Full Kit


Not included in the picture, are also the little capsules that are essentially your molds for making the treats. The complete directions are included to show you how to crush the pills and make them into the treats. Don't be intimidated at all by it. When I first opened the box it looked like something that would be hard to figure out how to use, but it isn't at all. The directions are pretty clear. 

We didn't get a chance to product test this, but it might be something worth picking up. I definitely have an interest in it myself. It looks like the pill splitter is made of good quality.

Kudose Pill Concealer and Treat Maker Krocodile

Another neat item that you might consider picking up is the Kase, which is a case to carry all of your pets pills in.

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Disclaimer: Kinn Inc., the maker of all of these products, was kind enough to send me the Kudose Pill Concealer and Treat Maker free of charge for product testing purposes. They are not paying me or anyone else for this review. All opinions are my own and 100% honest and were not influenced in any way by any other parties.

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