Now that autumn is officially here the mornings are starting to get
cooler and crisper. This tends to have an adverse effect on the feet. Be
prepared to keep your tootsies warm this year with magical style. This
delightful pair of  Unicorn Slippers will not only warm up cold days, they will
warm up your heart as well. That and you will always have someone to
talk to around the house.

Unicorn SlippersUnicorn Slippers

These comfy slippers depict the legendary pristine creatures complete with sparkly gold horns. One of the greatest things about these slippers is that they are not for little girls. Finally we big girls (and guys) get a chance at the enchanted life! Walking around the house will become an enchanted journey.

Unicorn SlippersUnicorn Slippers

You can imagine that you are in a Cinderella situation where you must clean and cook for a wicked witch or evil queen. Little does she know that when you don these slippers you are able to breeze through these chores with ease so that you can work on figuring out the name of that odd little man who can set you free.

Or you can just wear your Unicorn Slippers and sip a steaming cup of cocoa or chai while watching Once Upon a Time. You will be just as magical as anyone in Storybrook!