Keep Your Dogs Warm This Winter With Heated Pandas, Pigs, Puss Cats, and More!

The Old Farmer's Almanac says that the winter is going to be colder and snowier than usual throughout the United States. It will be imperative to fight the frigid in your feet. You can easily do that with Pixnor® Heated Slippers. They come in a variety of different fun animals so you can choose your favorite.

 Panda Heated SlippersPanda Heated Slippers


 Poggy Heated SlippersPoggy Heated Slippers

The slippers are designed for both indoor and outdoor use, so you can make that quick run to the mailbox or to fetch the paper without changing shoes. The batteries that provide the warmth are rechargeable using a USB connection. 

 Dog Heated SlippersDog Heated Slippers


Cat Heated SlippersCat Heated Slippers

The slippers are soft plush with non-skid soles. There are two dozen animal/cartoon designs to choose from. 

 Tiger Heated SlippersTiger Heated Slippers


 Bear Heated SlippersBear Heated Slippers

To keep your feet extra warm and toasty this year with Pixnor® Heated Slippers, click here.

 Bunny Heated SlippersBunny Heated Slippers


 Minnie Mouse Heated SlippersMinnie Mouse Heated Slippers

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