There are plenty of businesses out there that thrive upon the business
of hen parties, but now there's one that is behind a very different
kind, and it's all inspired by the trend of backyard farming.

Just Us HensJust Us Hens

is a unique business concept that's right on time to take advantage of the fact that now there are many people who are setting up their own little farm environments in their backyard to have access to fresh produce. Some are even taking on a few hens in order to have fresh eggs at their disposal. The only problem is, while people vacationing have options to have someone take care of their dogs and cats, it's hard to get someone to take care of hens!

Just Us Hens offers hen-sitting services to make sure all members of the animal family are well taken care of while their families are away. Hens get to remain in their own homes, while the business drops by to feed and water them!

Of course, petsitting services like this are not so unusual - it's the animal that's the focus of the business that makes this one unique!

Via: Springwise