In this poor economy, good jobs are hard to come by. If you don’t care or have low expectations of what a “good job” is, then I’ve got a fantastic job for you! (Tasty seals need not apply)

The governor of Svalbard, the group of islands marking the northern-most of Norway, is looking to hire a dedicated polar bear spotter to protect a group of researchers.

If you’re interested in the position, the job begins on July 8th, but you’ll need some survivalist skills on your resume if you want to be a shoe-in for the frigid and potentially dangerous gig. Some of the skills preferred for applicants include previous outdoorsman/woman experience, some experience with a gun, and the ability to spot the largest living carnivorous mammal from a significant distance.

Even though a polar bear can weigh up to 900lbs, stand over 10 feet tall and it is estimated that there are 3,000 individual bears living on the Svalbard islands (Compared to its 2,400 human residents!), a representative from the governor’s office claims that a loud voice should be enough to scare away the giant predators.

I’m quite comfortable blogging in front of the soft glow of my laptop, but feel free to apply for this nice and chilly summer job!

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