Some women fight crow's feet but a Japanese schoolgirl's feat is fighting crows. While other methods of scaring away the pests have failed, 17-year-old student Misato Ishibashi and her 7-year-old male falcon “Momotaro” know just how to get the flock out.

Crows are a major pest in Japan, congregating in flocks of thousands and devouring crops, garbage and even snacks held in human hands. The aggressive behavior and obvious intelligence of these so-called “Jungle Crows” has stymied uncounted attempts to banish them.

Until now, that is. Thanks to the efforts of Japan's only schoolgirl falconer, bothersome crows are being heckled, jeckled and otherwise evicted from the environs of Saga City in southwestern Japan.

Ishibashi came to the attention of Saga Prefecture governor Yasushi Furukawa after she won a national falconry competition; the governor then invited her to visit Saga City and perform a live demonstration.

When Ishibashi released 7-year-old male falcon “Momotaro” into the skies above the prefectural offices, dozens of crows were flushed from surrounding woods or took shelter in the shadows.

By the time Momotaro had completed several more test flights, the crows could no longer be heard. “They won't be back for a while,” commented Misato, who was hired on the spot to be Saga's official Crow Terminator.

“The falcon is a divine punishment against crows,” explained Ishibashi with a confident air. “When their eyes meet the glare of the falcon, they will definitely not return.” Hasta la vista, baby! (via Japan Probe, Takeoyoka.exblog, Saga Shimbun, and Marina Animal

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