Someone tried to kill Ethan on his third birthday, but he wasn't about
to stay dead. They had poisoned him and buried him alive. A man going
for a walk beside a lakeside path noticed the ground beside the path
wriggling. He got a shovel and started digging. There he found the Jack
Russell terrier clinging to life.Jack Russell Terrier (Photo by Lily M/Creative Commons via Wikimedia)Jack Russell Terrier (Photo by Lily M/Creative Commons via Wikimedia)

Firemen were called to the little dog's intended grave in France and they rushed him to a veterinarian. He was cold and flattened out, but stubbornly clinging to life.  The movement of the soil that had alerted the man to Ethan's presence was likely to have been due to convulsions from the poison. The vet applied hot water bottles to begin warming the chill from the outside. Ethan's veins had collapsed making it hard to find a way in to rehydrate him. The vet was as determined to keep Ethan alive as Ethan was to survive.

A microchip told the vet everything about the little terrier -- from his name and the fact that it was his third birthday to the name of his owner.  The owner was contacted and he claimed that he had given the dog away and had no idea what had happened to Ethan.

Within 24 hours the tide had turned and Ethan was ready to be a fully functioning dog again.  After being resurrected by a whole chain of saviors, Ethan is happily ensconced in a new home in eastern France.