Does your dog have the jaws of a teething shark and the ferocity of a hungry crocodile? So does Jessie, my co-reviewing golden retriever, so I’m always on the lookout for strong and durable dog toys she can’t shred within one minute or less, so here’s a shopping guide for big and strong puppy owners:

Tough And Durable Dog Toys


1. ZogoFlex Tough Treat Stuffable Chew Toy


Although Jessie is an eating machine who can carve up the toughest rawhide, bone, beef and other natural chews with ease, stuffing a standard-sized chew into one of these fflexible, durable and colorful ZogoFlex Treat Toys would surely extend her valuable chew time without consuming the entire treat in a matter of minutes.

2. The Varsity Ball by Varsity Pet



This impressive, bouncy and colorful ball is touted by the Varsity Pet crew to be 110% guaranteed indestructible. Since I’ve seen the Varsity Ball under hardcore play sessions with rottweilers, pit bulls, german shepards, African lions and tigers, I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt that a Varsity Ball is an investment for rough doggies.

3. Tug-n-Toss & Critters by Jolly Pet



Jolly Pet has a wide range of huge, puncture-resistant toys that are perfect for the likes of my golden hyena-jawed pal. I’m especially interested in the vibrant line of huge Tug-n-Toss handled plastic balls. You know that the Tug-n-Toss is a genuinely rugged dog toy when it was designed for horses to enjoy too!

Kong makes dog toys that are meant to take a beating. The Kong Extreme Dog Toy comes in a large variety of sizes  and the ultra-strong, ultra-durable and ultra-tough plastic is designed for dogs that can rip up almost anything. If the police, the military and trainers use this toy, you know it's got to be tough enough for your pup. 

5.  ZogoFlex DesignJive Toy

The DesignJive is designed to have an unpredictable bounce and to be durable. It is even guarateed tough by the manufacturer.  If the manufacturer guarantees that this toy will last, I think it worthy of seeing how quickly your dogs will shred it up. 

Sure, paying twenty bucks or so and up might seem a little steep for a dog toy, but put it into perspective: Would you rather pay a bit more one time for a single long-lasting super toy, or more than that over time for lots of lesser, easily breakable rubbish? I’ve gone ahead and collected the catalog for you to pick up via just under the article, so do your grizzly bear of a dog a favor, click on though and order their favorite colored strong and durable dog toys today!


Published Sept 2013 and updated Jan 2017.



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