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Inspired By Ants, Marzo/ID Produces The 'Volvo Ants' Truck

Alex Marzo of Marzo/ID has designed what looks to be a safer and smarter truck for Volvo.  This futuristic transport, nicknamed the Volvo Ants, quite intentionally mimics how ants communicate with each other while gathering and transporting food.  It's a community thing.


Volvo Ant Truck: ©Marzo/IDVolvo Ant Truck: ©Marzo/ID


The Volvo Aero Neumatic (Long Haul) Transport System is composed of compartments, individual ants, each on its own wheels and each supporting its own weight, much like train cars.  Each unit has its own suspended set of wheels. The design allows each of the units to move somewhat independently of other units, but still stay very much on track, like an ant march.


Volvo Ant Truck: ©Marzo/IDVolvo Ant Truck: ©Marzo/ID


My sighting of this design comes just a few days after an empty cargo truck nearly landed on my car as it turned a tight corner in front of where I was stopped at a light.  It was so close, I thought I was a goner.  So when I saw this image on Marzo/ID's project page, I felt a sigh of relief when I read 'perpendicular design does not work.'  No, it doesn't.  It tips.


Volvo Ant Truck design background: ©Marzo/IDVolvo Ant Truck design background: ©Marzo/ID


Volvo Ant Truck design background: ©Marzo/IDVolvo Ant Truck design background: ©Marzo/ID


More of the thinking behind this marvelous biomimetic design can be found on marzoid.com. (via AutoMotto)


That's the buzz for today!


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Jun 28, 2012
by Anonymous
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Jul 26, 2012
by adrianglock (not verified)
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This truck is made to reduce

This truck is made to reduce drag! Trucks are on the way of utilizing electric motors and shall serve all drivers with greener transportation means.

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