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Cannock ChaseCannock ChaseIf you happen to find yourself in the Trent Valley region of Staffordshire, England, you may want to stay away from the area known as Cannock Chase at night. While this area of woodland has been heralded as one of the more beautiful places in the country by the government, it is getting a reputation as being quite bizarre. This is mainly due to a crazy history and the recent appearance of many animals that, according to zoology and biology, have no business being there.

First let's get the odd and non-animal history out of the way. No sense in ignoring the extraterrestrial elephant in the room... That's right: the Cannock Chase forests were the center of a reported UFO crash in the the 1960s. It became the subject of much conspiracy theory talk and is rather well known among UFO buffs.

Perhaps the alleged event has something to do with recent oddities in the area concerning animals, but it seems doubtful. Still, how do you explain the sudden and outright impossible appearance of a full fledged crocodile in a pond along the edge of the forest? Crocodiles are obviously not native to the area but all the same, the sightings and rumors went on for months until one day the croc  seemed to disappear without a trace. Odder still was the appearance of several Bigfoot-like creatures lurking around at night.

Like this, just scarier...Like this, just scarier...It gets really strange when we get to the black cats. A staggering amount of reports from the area as far back as the late 1960s have claimed the existence of large black cats with the appearance of a panther. To make their appearance even stranger is that they are said to live within one of the most revered areas of Cannock Chase -- an old German cemetery. The cemetery serves as a memorial to mark the remembrance of more than 5,000 German soldiers that died during World Wars I and II, flanked with headstones and grave markers.

Accounts of these large cats give them supernatural abilities and appearances, making it much more than a case of a misplaced species of big cat in the woods.

Regardless of your feelings on the matter, even if you are the biggest supernatural skeptic, it would be hard to walk into Cannock Chase after dusk. Crocs, Bigfoot, supernatural panthers and a spooky German gravesite does not make for a pleasant late-afternoon stroll through the English countryside.


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Oct 21, 2012
by Anonymous
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Having lived on the edge of

Having lived on the edge of the Chase for 10 years now I must say that this author is right in saying it is a beautiful place, but so very wrong to advise readers to stay away. There have long been rumours off the odd on the Chase; apart from a couple of "big cat" mating cries I've never seen or heard anything odd, and the cats give people a very wide berth, are rarely seen and feed well on the deer which thrive on the Chase. The powers that be won't acknowledge the cats because then they have to do something about it .... live and let live ehh?

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