We all want to see causes for the protection of animals upheld in government, ensuring that all species of wildlife are safe and protected. Of course, once it gets down to legal matters, court rulings, and official rigamarole, many people begin to lose interest. However, a recent law that has been passed in Illinois has some people scratching their heads.

If a law was passed in California that protected sharks from danger, it would make perfect sense. But in Illinois, such a law calls for further explanation.

Funny....it doesn't LOOK like much of a delicacy.Funny....it doesn't LOOK like much of a delicacy.A new law on the books will make it illegal for shark fins to be sold or distributed in the state of Illinois. Illinois is the first inland state to enact such a law. While it may seem odd at first, there are good reasons behind it.

For reasons no one can quite pinpoint, shark fin soup is incredibly popular among the Asian-American demographic, especially in Chicago. As a matter of fact, Illinois has the fourth highest market for shark fin based products in America.

While this may seem like a peculiar problem for an inland state, it is one that is taken very seriously. As of late, the ban on shark fin based products has received worldwide attention due to the cruelty and savagery involved in obtaining fins. Essentially, poachers capture the sharks, remove their fins, and drop them back into the water. The shark is left bleeding in the water with no way to properly swim.

So perhaps a shark fin ban in the inland state of Illinois isn't as funny as it sounds at first. If you want a truly funny law, look into their updated laws about who is and who is not allowed to pick up roadkill...


Source: stltoday.com


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