Pit Bulls can be imposing animals.  They're big.  They have gigantic
jaws.  They are designed to be guard dogs.  But they are also harshly
judged due to media attention to certain horrifying incidents.  This
video gives a few reasons as to why these dogs are the way they are--and
why they can be great pets.  Plus, Hulk is just plain adorable.

Watching Hulk with the little kid is truly amazing.  This is an animal that could really go to town on a kid.  Instead there is nothing but love.  This is further proof that, if raised and trained properly, the Pit Bull is not really any different from any other dog.  I have had lots of experience with Pit Bulls, and they have never been anything but giant animals that think they are the size of a mouse.  Try watching TV with one of them sitting on your lap.  Not easy.

So instead of condemning this breed, lets educate ourselves on how to properly train them.

Video uploaded by Barcroft TV on March 3, 2015.

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