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How To Tell If Your Dog Has A Cold

Dog Tired: Image by It'sGreg, FlickrDog Tired: Image by It'sGreg, Flickr

Is your dog showing abnormal symptoms, and you're wondering how to tell if he has a cold? Colds are very close to respiratory infections, and can be caused by various types of viruses and bacteria. Here are some signs of dog colds.

Dog Cold Symptom #1: Sneezing

If your dog is sneezing several times every hour, he may have a cold. Sneezing can also be a sign of allergies, but sometimes it can be hard to differentiate. With both allergies and colds, dogs will have discharge from the eyes and nose. However, with colds the discharge is usually thicker and can vary in color from white to green, which can help you distinguish dog allergies from the common cold.

Dog Cold Symptom #2: Coughing

Dog coughing is usually a sign of a cold or a respiratory infection. If your dog is coughing frequently, it's important to get him to the vet because it usually means he's experiencing a more serious infection which could have nasty repercussions.

Dog Cold Symptom #3: Red Eyes

Colds can often trigger conjunctivitis, which usually results in redness of the eyes and discharge. Conjuctivits can be defined as the swelling of tissues in the eyes, usually due to the bacteria that caused the cold migrating up to the eyes.

Tetsu's Sneeze: Image by Otamajakusi, FlickrTetsu's Sneeze: Image by Otamajakusi, Flickr

Dog Cold Symptom #4: Loss Of Appetite

Dogs with colds sometimes experience a loss of appetite, which may be related to cold bacteria irritating the esophogus. Contact a vet if your dog refuses to eat after 24 hours.

Dog Cold Symptom #5: Difficulty Breathing and Congestion

Colds often cause congestion, blocking the nasal passages, which can cause difficulty breathing. Some good indications include your dog breathing with his mouth open, or sleeping on his chest.

Dog Cold Symptom #6: General Exhaustion

If your dog has a cold, he'll probably appear fairly lethargic. He may be less playful and energetic, and spend more time sleeping than he would normally. Don't let this worry you, it's important to let your dog rest up so he can more quickly get rid of the illness.

If your dog has a cold, or is displaying signs of sickness, it may be a good idea to take him to the vet to get medication and to make sure he isn't suffering from anything more serious.

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