We all continuously care for, love and want nothing but the very best for our animal friends, but accidents and illnesses happen. Don’t let you and your pet suffer when you can easily build a kit to keep you prepared if and when the worst happens!




Below is a list of some of the most basic supplies to collect in a handy first aid kit for your pets, and some tips explaining why they’re included in the set:

Phone Numbers – The numbers for your vet, the nearest animal clinic and poison control.
Any Vet Suggested Items – If your pets have a history at the vet, keep its medicines and medical devices here for easy access.
Pet Paperwork – If you do have to go to the vet in an emergency, it will help you out so much if you’ve got vaccination records, other medical paperwork and a photo of your animal all together for when you need it.
ID Tag
Flashlight – A super-tool for looking into eyes, ears, noses, through dark colored fur, etc.
Disposable Gloves
Bandages and Gauze
Instant Ice Pack/Heating Pads
Thermometer – Note that the temperature for cats and dogs shouldn’t be higher than 103, or lower than 100!
Pet Carrier
Plastic Medicine Syringe/Eyedropper
Styptic Powder –Used to stop bleeding from nails and minor cuts.
Cotton Swabs
Needle-nose Pliers
Disinfectants Soap/Hydrogen Peroxide/Antibiotic Lotion




While it’s great to have an emergency kit like this, don’t hesitate to take an animal to the vet in a serious emergency, and always bring it along when you and your pets go on road trips! Stay safe, pet lovers!

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