It won’t be too long until it’s time to start planting flowers, vegetables and other plants for the next season, but are the local squirrels consuming all of your hard work before you can enjoy the harvest? If that’s the case, I’ve got a few solid tips to keep those pesky squirrels from destroying your garden!




First off, if you think that your plants are being ravaged by squirrels, keep an eye out for the little vandals during the day. Since squirrels sleep all night, you’re likely to catch them in the act on your diurnal schedule. Once you know for certain that squirrels are the problem, you’ll know exactly how to fight back!




Unfortunately, squirrels think that flower bulbs as a tasty treat, but they won’t be able to access the developing flowers if you set a sheet of chicken wire over the flowerbed. Consider soaking bulbs in squirrel repellant to deter persistent rodents, or planting daffodils. Why daffodils? Because they’re extremely poisonous for squirrels, and the little tree rats naturally know not to eat the toxic, yet pretty flowers.




For all other plants, do your research and look for simple spray-on squirrel repellants containing Thiram, capsaicin or oil of mustard. These chemicals don’t have a harmful effect on birds and they do wonders for keeping a range of mammalian pests away from your flowers, fruits and vegetables. Although some people may be concerned about the use of capsaicin, the ingredient that gives chili peppers their signature “heat,” I can promise you that the local gray squirrels have never put a finger on my habanero pepper garden! Good luck, everyone!

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