Even though I think that the common pigeon, or rock dove, is an adorable little addition to most modern cityscapes, some people don’t appreciate the birds as much as Sesame Street’s Bert or Mike Tyson do. I’ve got a trio of helpful tips for anyone looking to keep the feathered poop machines at bay:


1. Stop feeding them!

You wouldn’t believe how effective withholding food from these tenacious scavengers is at dispersing the flock. Set up signs to ask people to stop sharing snacks with the pigeons, don’t set out bird food for other wild birds for a while, and keep all garbage contained to encourage your pigeons to move on.


2. Make Your Place Unattractive...To Pidgeons.

Keep pigeons from roosting nearby by making clean and flat surfaces unattractive for nesting pigeons. Consider installing bird spikes, nets, angular slides or even mild shock strips to discourage pigeons from calling your building home. A solar powered bird repeller or well rated bird repeller tape could also be helpful.

If a pigeon can’t rest on your ledges and roofs, they won’t want to hang around for too long.


3.  Feed Them Birth Control Feed

As a final resort, you may want to try feeding bird birth control to your problem pigeons. Since a healthy pigeon can lay and hatch up to a dozen chicks each year, this simple kibble-like birth control might be the best way to combat a large-scale pigeon infestation. The birth control doesn’t harm the birds, and it works by keeping eggs from developing properly. Besides being inhumane tactics, trapping, poisoning and shooting pigeons are all ineffective methods of curbing their numbers.You can find out more about birth control feed here.

By making your neck of the woods an uncomfortable place to eat, nest and breed, those adorable flockers will be out of your hair in no time!

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