Have you ever wished that you could hug a loved one - be they your mother, father or even a beloved pet - after they die? Well, now you can.

It isn't as cryptic as it sounds. Hold Me Urns makes stuffed animals in which you can place cremated remains. For those who have lost an infant child or pet, the stuffed animal urns are quite popular. And some people even use them to store the remains of other loved ones as well.

A Huggable UrnA Huggable UrnIt works like this: The company makes stuffed animals with zippers in the back that include a sealable plastic pouch. You just place the cremated remains inside. Then, get ready to cuddle.

Alexandra Lachini, president and chief executive of the company, notes on the company's Web site that she started the company because "We live in a generation that dosen't stay in one place. The burial process is expensive and is becoming unrealistic. Many are turning to cremation as an alternative."

Lachini created Huggable Urns to celebrate life, not its ending. She notes, "It is my wish that the softness of a Huggable Urn or Keepsake will help take away that eerie feeling about death, by breaking down the mystery and fear surrounding the natural process of death and grieving.

"Huggable Urns and Keepsakes have become my life's passion. Each urn is discreet and stylish enough to keep visible in the home without causing discomfort or embarrassment to visitors"

After she heard that Oprah Winfrey's golden retriever Gracie died last summer, Lachini created a huggable urn for the dog along with a memorial quilt. But Lachini has not yet been able to reach the famous television personality, according to a Baltimore Sun blog.

Oprah, if you are reading this, why don't you give Lachini a call and claim your huggable urn?

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