How to Explain a Pet's Death to ChildrenHow to Explain a Pet's Death to Children

The death of a beloved family pet can be hard on everyone who knew the little critter. However, the event can be especially rough on the children because they were particularly attached or simply don't understand why their pet is gone. Take these simple tips from CNN into consideration when explaining the tough circumstance to the kids.

Stick to the truth - Don't use an excuse and don't sugarcoate it, just tell it like it is. Saying the pet was "put to sleep" or "went away" will only cause more confusion. Be honest.

Answer questions - The kids may have more questions about life and death. This is natural. Be sure to answer in brief sentences so it is easier to process.

Console, console, console - It is not easy to lose a pet as an adult, now what about the child? He or she may need some love and attention at this time of sadness. Be there for some hugs and kisses.

Don't forget your pet - Children may cope better if they draw pictures, look at old photos or simply talk about the loss of the pet. The family animal may not be there anymore, but that doesn't mean they were never there.

There are ways to make the process simpler and less difficult to bare. Talk about the pet, answer any questions, console the children and never forget the impact the pet had on the family. Losing a loved one, even an animal, is not an easy task.