Image by Stoo MathiesenImage by Stoo MathiesenIf you're getting a new cat or kitten, it may take it some time to get used to its new home. A safe room can help with this. It will give your new pet a place to retreat and call home. This will provide comfort and security while your cat is adjusting.

Organizing A Safe Room

Follow these steps to organize a safe room for your new cat or kitten

1. The Right Area

Start by finding a place in your home where you think your new cat will feel comfortable and secure. It doesn't necessarily have to be an entire room. Your cat's safe room might be a closet or an unused bathroom. You may even set it up in an unused corner of your bedroom or living room. If this is the case, use screens to section it off from the rest of the room to help your cat feel secure. 

2. Sleeping Area

Your new safe room should include a cat bed, or a comfortable place for it to sleep. If you don't feel like purchasing a cat bed, consider a nice box or carrier with some soft blankets. Be sure to keep the sleeping area in a private corner, away from litter and food. 

3. Food And Water

When you're ready to begin setting up a feeding station for your cat, be sure that you use sturdy food and water dishes that your cat won't be able to tip. Choose glass or ceramic bowls, but avoid plastic as it can irritate a cats skin and cause a rash. Keep the food away from the litter box and sleeping area. 

4. Litter Box

The litter box should be in its own corner, away from the feeding station and sleeping area. When you're setting up the litter box, be sure to use clay-free litter and to keep it as clean as possible. 

5. Scratching Post

Image by PHPhoto2010, FlickrImage by PHPhoto2010, FlickrProvide your new cat with a good, tall scratching post. You can start with one, but it might be a good idea to purchase more later. If you can afford it, consider getting a tower for your cat. This way, your cat will have a way to climb. Your cat might even enjoy sleeping on top of the tower, instead of using a cat bed. 

6. Toys

Toys are important for your cat to get plenty of exercise and play time. Consider purchasing an interactive toy that you can use to bond with your cat. Also pick up two play alone toys for your cat to keep himself entertained when you're not around.

7. A Place To Sit

If the safe room is in a room of its own, consider adding a chair or another place to sit so you can spend some time with your cat. This will help it get used to your presence and potentially promote bonding. 

By following these steps, you'll provide your new cat or kitten with the perfect place to feel at home while it's getting used you and its new living situation. Be patient, and give your new kitten plenty of love.


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