How To Choose A Winter Coat For Your Dog

With the temperature dropping and winter coming closer, it might be time to think about buying a winter coat for your dog.

Does Your Dog Need A Winter Coat?

Before choosing a winter coat for your dog, you'll need to decide if your dog needs one. Many dogs have an easy time staying warm during the winter, while others don't. Some examples of dogs who need a winter coat include:

  • Skinny dogs without enough fat to keep them warm.
  • Dogs with a weak immune system.
  • Short-haired dogs.
  • Dog breeds accustomed to warm climates.
  • Older dogs

If your dog has thick fur, or handles the cold well, he may not need a coat this winter. However, warming up dogs who need it can help them stay quite a bit healthier. 


Measure Your Dog

Before looking for winter coats, you'll need to take your pup's anatomy into consideration. It has to be the right length, and fit both snugly and comfortably. To measure your dog, start by measuring the dog from shoulder blades to the base of the tail. You may also measure around the dog to be sure you can find a coat that fits around the body comfortably. Avoid coats that have sizes "small", "medium", and "large" if possible. These sizes tend to vary with brand, so it's best to shop based on exact measurements.

Check The Material

Remember, your not trying to make a fashion statement with your dog's new coat. If you are, you should reconsider. Shop based on the thickness and warmth of the material, not by color and style. If a coat looks good, but does nothing to keep the dog warm, it starts to defeat the purpose. Sometimes it can be a good idea to choose a coat with more than one lining for extra warmth.

Check How It Stays Secure

How does the coat stay secured to your dog's body? Does it use Velcro, or adjustable straps? This is ultimately your decision. Sometimes fur can get matted up in Velcro, but adjustable straps aren't always the easiest to fasten on and off.

Is It Washable?

Preferably, a dog coat should be machine washable for practical purposes. Most dogs will find some way or another to get dirty, which could make a coat unwearable until it gets washed. While it's possible to hand wash coats that aren't washable, it might be easier just to make sure you can drop the coat into the washing machine should any accidents happen. 

A Few Examples Of Good Dog Coats

Here are some potential options for winter coats.

Kakadu Pet Explorer Fleece Reflective Dog Coat

This flexible, warm fleece coat comes in a number of sizes and colors, and fits almost any dog. It's machine washable, and comes with adjustable Velcro straps.

Casual Canine Nylon Dog Snowsuit


This snowsuit is designed to keep your dog's entire body warm. Leg, arm, and hood parts are detachable, and the suit is machine washable.

Platinum Pets Small Winter Vest

This machine washable winter vest is waterproof, so your pup can enjoy playing in the snow and stay warm at the same time.

With the right coat, your dog can stay nice and warm for the winter.

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