This is how upscale Europeans dress their dogs, in designer dog clothiers like Trendy4Paws, the dog equivalent of Gucci for Men. These dog clothes speak volumes (old money, lots of it).  And don't even ask how much they cost (more than your own).  But hey, you might as well look at them; I've got hot previews of the stunning new summer collection debuting next week....


Frenchie Coat by Trendy4Paws: ©Trendy4PawsFrenchie Coat by Trendy4Paws: ©Trendy4Paws



Trendy4Paws actually specializes in clothing for Pugs and French Bulldogs.  The designer's two lines are called Frenchie Edition and Pug Edition




Green Waterproof Coat for Pugs: ©Trendy4PawsGreen Waterproof Coat for Pugs: ©Trendy4Paws



Well, here... I'll show you all of the Trendy4Paws dog models, parading around, quite oblivious to the rest of dog-dom or human-dom.



So, as I mentioned, I was able to get hold of some photos of Trendy4Paws' Summer line for Frenchies, which will premier next week at Interzoo 2010 in Nuremberg, Germany.

I suspect this dog shirt is the equivalent of a 'Tommy Bahama' for dogs...


Casual dog shirt by Trendy4Paws: ©Trendy4PawsCasual dog shirt by Trendy4Paws: ©Trendy4Paws


Summer in Europe... you never know what the weather will be...


All-weather dog coats by Trendy4Paws: ©Trendy4PawsAll-weather dog coats by Trendy4Paws: ©Trendy4Paws


Bulldogs are very literary...


Library dog wear? Trendy4Paws: ©Trendy4PawsLibrary dog wear? Trendy4Paws: ©Trendy4Paws


But they also like to just hang out...


Dog hoodie by Trendy4Paws: ©Trendy4PawsDog hoodie by Trendy4Paws: ©Trendy4Paws


Whoops!  Wait... here's the correct photo...


Dog hoodie by Trendy4Paws: ©Trendy4PawsDog hoodie by Trendy4Paws: ©Trendy4Paws


Sensational!  You want to see more?  Go to Trendy4Paws presentation page and just watch.


That's the buzz for today!




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