Ringing in the new year with a new pet is all well and good but your new pet had better not be behind the times. Let this illustrated list of 2013's trendiest pets and hottest pet trends be your guide today so you and your pet won't look like yesterday's news tomorrow.

10) The Amazing Spider-Lizard

The Flat-Headed Rock Agama (Agama mwanzae) is a lizard native to Kenya, just like, er, what's-his-name! If you're looking for a trendy pet that both looks and acts like a Marvel-ous movie superhero, the red & blue male Flat-Headed Rock Agama is a superb choice. Radioactive spiders optional. (Trendy Pet image via The Wild Source)  

9) Dear Dairy

Are you frustrated by the high price of beef & dairy items sold at organic markets? Don't have a cow, have a cow... a Dexter cow, that is! This hip-high Irish heritage breed will mow your lawn for free while providing owners with roughly 2 gallons of rich, fresh milk every morning. Dexter cow registrations doubled between 2000 and 2007, and that's no bull. (Trendy Pet image via Dave Hamster

8) Legs Are So 2012

2013 is the Year of the Snake according to the Chinese horoscope so does that mean everyone will suddenly be wanting snakes for pets? No, it doesn't – if you don't want a snake in your home now, you'll probably feel the same next year. If a snake really is in your pet-buying plans, however, you can't go wrong purchasing a perennially popular, colorful and non-venomous Milk Snake. (Trendy Pet image via Mountain Lion1)

7) Macro Pigs

Remember those trendy tiny Tea Cup pigs? Famed for their manageable size and celebrity owners including Victoria Beckham and Paris Hilton, micro-pigs start off small and end up only slightly larger... most of the time. Pity these UK homeowners who bought a pig-in-a-poke: their petite porker now weighs 350 lbs. Put pork on your fork-lift, amiright? (Trendy Pet image via The Chive


6) Honey Bow Wow

Hot on the heels of the cringe-worthy Toddlers & Tiaras phenomenon comes the “art” of creatively shearing and dyeing dogs. That's right folks, blame China all you want but so-called “creative grooming” shows are a fast-growing American fad that unfortunately shows no sign of fading. Ditto for the dyed dogs. (Trendy Pet image via Associated Newspapers Ltd.

5) MOAR Grumpy Cat

“Tardar Sauce”, the Internet's one and only Grumpy Cat, was born in April of 2012 and skyrocketed to fame a few miserable months later. Now everyone wants a Grumpy Cat of their very own but guess what: you can't have one! It seems Tard is a mixed breed kitty whose distinct frowny face is the result of a genetic roll of the dice. You can buy Grumpy Cat merchandise at Amazon.com, though you probably won't like it. (Trendy Pet image via Tard the Grumpy Cat) 

4) Pluck You!

Having seemingly solved all other problems, Israeli scientists have created featherless chickens and if you thought hairless dogs were ugly, cover your eyes pronto! Imagine waking up first thing in the morning to THIS? Call it cock-a-doodle-don't. On the bright side, if featherless chickens are in any way like fur-less Sphinx Cats, they'll be cuddling you closely to keep warm. (Trendy Pet image via ESDAW) 

3) A Brony Of Your Owny

If you could show the late John Wayne a real, live My Little Pony, his thoughts would probably run along the lines of “it's getting' to be re-goddamn-diculous!”... and he'd gladly leap right back into his grave. (Trendy Pet image via Anna Sheffield

2) Call Me Barack, Maybe?

Scientists have named four animal species for U.S. President Barack Obama so far, with an extinct prehistoric lizard (Obamadon gracilis) the latest to receive the honor. The small and slender reptile (he's that bluish-gray guy in the lower left corner above) didn't survive the fiery Dinosaur Apocalypse 65 million years ago and became a dusty relic of ancient history... hmm, those scientists must be Republicans. (Trendy Pet image via Sciencemag)

1) Dogs By The Pound

Last but certainly not least we find shelter dogs (and cats); welcoming one into your home and life is a pet ownership trend that never, ever goes out of style. (Trendy Pet image via The Dogs of Toronto Animal Services South

All joking aside, we know as well as you that owning a pet is a long-term responsibility that must be approached and practiced with the utmost seriousness. Whether your chosen furry, scaly or feathery friend is in the news or not matters not as long as he, she or it is in your heart day in, day out and in years to come. (Trendy Pet images via G4, top, and Urbantribe, above)

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