Horse stalls are fine for eating, sleeping, and grooming, but horses get restless and bored staying in their stalls all day waiting for their owners to ride them.  They need exercise and play to relieve them from what equine veterinarians call 'stall stress.'  Here are some of the best boredom-relief horse toys you can buy!


1.  Equi-Spirit Balls For Horses


Fresian stallions play with their Equi-Spirit Ball: image by Laura Zugzda, owner


Equi-Spirit makes one of the most highly recommended horse balls, and judging from its horse fans, including some very famous race horses, the Equi-Spirit balls sure are fun for them. They come in several sizes from 25" 40" diameter. The best thing about these balls is that they are built to last, with an inner and outer bladder of strong materials.  And even though some horses (and steers, dogs, and other animals that may get near one) try their best to burst them, it's pretty hard to do.

It's so great to see how horses take to the Equi-Spirit balls.  Some can endlessly kick and chase the ball...



Others, try to conquer the ball....


But they all love it!  Visit Natural Horse Talk to check out more great photos and videos of horses (and other large animals) playinjg with the Equi-Ball.  You can make your purchase there too!


2. Jolly Ball Horse Toy


 Horse playing with Jolly Ball Horse Toy: photo of 'Sammy' by Karen Aneiro of


Jolly Ball Horse Toy


Another really popular horse product is the Jolly Ball, usually the 10" ball - that's the largest.  But your horse may have some competition for the ball if you have dogs; they like to play with the Jolly Ball too. Though a great toy in the pasture, Jolly Ball is a good stall toy too - because it fits!



The Jolly Ball Horse Toy is available from


3.   Amazing Graze Treat Toy For Horses


Amazing Graze treat toy for horses


No doubt your horse will get some action chasing this oversized spool around. But the secret to the Amazing Graze lasting power is reportedly the amount of hay you stuff over the yummy treats inside the hollow spool.  You have to provide some challenge to your horse, of course.  Amazing Graze is available at ValleyVet and


4. Jolly Apple Horse Toy


Jolly Apple Horse Toy


You can hang the Jolly Apple Horse Toy right in your horse's stall.  It is made from a durable plastic, but it emits the smell of apple.  Horses seem to love licking and nibbling on the Jolly Apple and it keeps them from other destructive nibbling in their stalls.


5. Likit Horse Toy


Likits come in several natural flavors attractive to horses: Honey & Camomille Likit


Likit Holders can hang from a beam in the horse's stall


Likits Horse Toy are great stress busters for horses and they come in many natural flavors horses love like apple, mint, garlic, molasses, cherry, banana and salt.  A great way to start is with their Likit Horse Toy Starter Pack. A whole range of the Likit refills and Holders are available from Buy different flavors to keep your horse interested.


6. Snak-A-Ball Horse Toy by Likit


Snak-A-Ball Horse Toy


The Snak-A-Ball by Likit feeds pellet size food as your horse moves it around.  It not only relieves stall stress, but it helps horses get comfortable with grazing, a more natural approach to eating than trough feeding. Snak-A-Ball is available from


7.  Likit Boredom Breaker Toy


Likit Boredom Breaker Horse Toy


Another cool Likit product is the Likit Boredom Breaker Toy, a version of the Likit that makes your horse work harder to get at the licker!  The refills are smaller and the toy is mounted rather than hung, but the treats come in the same great naturals flavors as the standard Likit.

With one, more, or all of these great horse toys, your horse will remain active and mentally calm even when you're not around.

That's the hay for today!

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Originally published October 2012 and updated annually. Last updated July 2015.

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